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soulcalstamp's Journal

Soul Calibur Girls: Stamping Community
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Anybody , Moderated
a soul calibur stamping community for ladies

Hello! Welcome to Soul Calibur girls. This community is a little different, as there are two stamping options available upon application:

- A personality stamp, determining which Soul Calibur female you are most like in personality.
- A mirror stamp, determining which Soul Calibur female you look like.

To apply for the personality stamp, please fill out this survey:

To apply for the mirror stamp, please post at least three clear pictures of yourself.

And yes, you may apply for both at the same time! Simply state such in the title of the post.


Amy: Caring, distrustful, sensitive.
Cassandra: Feisty, confident, focused.
Hilde: Dependable, resilient, merciful.
Ivy: Mysterious, isolated, investigative.
Mina: Fiery, independent, tenacious.
Setsuka: Vengeful, brokenhearted, loner.
Sophitia: Pure, pious, maternal.
Taki: Solitary, determined, disciplined.
Talim: Intuitive, compassionate, selfless.
Tira: Malicious, manipulative, dangerous.
Xianghua: Cheerful, dutiful, courageous.

Love Theme
Male Character Theme


1.) Don't be rude. Don't bash. It's not edgy or funny and you will be banned for it.
2.) Please bold your votes!
3.) Put your application under a LJ cut, observed here: <*lj-cut text="Application!"> <*/lj-cut> Simply remove the stars.
4.) You can vote someone as more than one character, if you simply cannot decide who they are. Please limit that number to two, though!
5.) Please don't sheep vote (vote the way the majority is voting because you're too lazy to think for yourself). You wouldn't want people to sheep vote you!
6.) Include three links to applications you've voted on when submitting your own.
7.) To show you've read the rules, put A Tale of Souls and Swords in the title of your application.
8.) You may apply for both stamps in the same post. Just say so in the title. If you're only applying for one, specify which one within the title.
9.) When applying for the personality stamp, you must fill out the survey. Duh, right? Pictures are optional.
10.) When applying for the mirror stamp, you must post at least three clear pictures of yourself.
11.) You must be a member to vote on other applications, but you don't have to be stamped yet.
12.) You will be stamped after five votes. After two weeks, you can reapply for different stamps if you want.
13.) Please upload the stamps to your own server! Otherwise my bandwith will get eaten up, and the stamps will disappear. :( For free photo uploading sites, try photobucket.com or tinypic.com.


In case you'd like to promote...



If you'd like to be an affiliate, just let me know in your application/a comment!